How to perform a leak test of your gas system

If you seem to be running out of gas more quickly than usual, you can perform a simple leak test of your gas system.

  1. Place a good amount of detergent in a spray bottle with some water and combine.
  2. With the gas turned on, lightly spray the mixture onto the:
    • Cylinder fittings
    • Connection pipes or regulator hose
    • Regulator
    • Connection point to your portable gas device or house or business.
  3. Look for bubbles anywhere from the cylinder to the connection point.
  4. If you see any bubbles, you have a gas leak. Note the point of the leak and turn the gas supply off immediately.
  5. Do not use the gas system until the leak has been fixed.
  6. Once you have completed your check, wipe the soapy water off with clean water.

If you notice any gas leaks, contact Gas R Us or a licensed gasfitter.