Portable gas cylinders: maintenance and transportation

Your LPG distributor will maintain and test your connected cylinders. However, you still should be alert to any signs of malfunction, which could include a gas smell or damaged cylinder. If you have any concerns, contact Gas R Us.

Portable cylinders

Portable recreation LPG cylinders (barbecue, camping) need particular care. These cylinders usually contain 9kg of LPG and can be refilled or exchanged at Gas R Us. All cylinders must have a valid 10-year stamp to be refilled. If the cylinder is not ‘in test’, it will not be filled.

Transporting cylinders

Keep cylinders secure during transport, and don’t carry them in the passenger compartment. Use and store your cylinder in a well-ventilated area, and store away from excess heat and possible sources of ignition. No more than two cylinders should be carried in a car at any one time, preferably in the boot.